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Quick glance at news affecting the petroleum industry and oil markets

Cross Canada Gasoline Prices

Shouts and Toots’ from the oil patch—daily news release summaries about Canadian oil and gas companies listed on Canadian stock exchanges.

Quote of the day - notable quotes from various authors

Do you Know? -  oil and gas trivia information


Oilpatch Review

News about oil and natural gas companies list on Canadian stock exchanges.


Markets Insight

Editor’s daily markets commentary, weekly U.S. fundamental petroleum inventory reports and weekly working natural inventory reports. We also analyze Canadian rig activity data issued by CAODC and interpret US based rig activity issued by Baker Hughes.


Editor’s Insight

Page content - Editorial:

Future for Canadian natural gas producers getting brighter


What’s your question?

Page content - insight into the oil and gas industry. Answers to questions readers ask.


Chronological History

Page content - insight into historical events in the Canadian oil and gas industry from the present to 1758 when Peter Pond first discovered  the world famous Alberta oilsands.


Recognizing Peak Oil

Power Articles:

1. The Big Oil crunch

2. Peak Oil Chart

Rear View Mirror 

Page content  -  An insight into western Canada’s most promising and hottest oil frontier.


1. The Cardium Formation  -  Alberta’s bright spot 

2. Lower Shaunavon — Saskatchewan’s stealth oil play

3. Technology opening doors to Saskatchewan’s heavy oil

4. British Columbia’s Gems - the Horn River Basin and Montney Play

5. The Bakken Oil Formation  - Hottest Oil Play

6. The reality behind Alberta southern basin  — ‘Exshaw Bakken Play’

7. Prospects for Yukon’s shale plays

8. Priming the pump for Manitoba’s sweet crude


Fay’s Kitchen

Page content - A variety of Canadian main course meal recipes: Shrimp and Rice Salad, Oven Fried Chicken and Veggies, Beef and Barley Soup, Salsa Spicy Chicken, Mother’s Ham Casserole, Cajun Shrimp,  Chicken with Curried Barley,  Tomato and Pepper Steak, Light and Tasty Bread, Dad's Crispy Waffles,  English Muffins, Flavor Packed Oatmeal Pancakes, Sweet and Spicy Glazed Chicken, Tastiest and Most Tender Perogies, Gluten Free Perogies and Whole wheat Pita Shells.

Fay’s Kitchen Delights

Page content -  A wide variety of deserts and Canadian baking recipes. These include:  Magic Marshmallow Bars, Pineapple Slice, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins, Best Ever Cinnamon Rolls, Cracker Jack Cookies, Shamrock Fantasy Squares, M & M Marshmallow Treats, Apple Brownies, Peaches and Cream Pie, Snickerdoodle Bars, Whole Wheat Snickerdoodles, Chewy Oatmeal Spice Cookies, Oatmeal Toffee Squares and Spicy Apple Bars.

Fay’s Holiday Treats

Page content -  A variety of Canadian baking recipes especially made for the holiday season. These include: Caramel Kisses, Apricot Almond Squares, Cherry Blossoms, Nanaimo Squares, Carrot Shortbread Cookies, Cherry Clouds, Chocolate Toffee Bars, Welsh Cakes, Cherry Winks, Turtles, Gluten-free Yuletide Log, Peanut Butter Tart Squares, Toffee Almond Chocolate Squares and Cornflake Snowballs.

More Holiday Treats

Page content -  A variety of Canadian baking recipes and non–baked treats for the holiday season. Cranberry Orange Loaf, Sugar Spiced Almonds, Maple Cream Filled Cookies, Butterscotch Ripple Squares, Crab and Red Pepper Spread, Tropical Macaroons, Peanut Butter Truffles, Blueberry Streusel Cake, Cherry Thumbprints, No Bake Oatmeal Balls, Lemon Burst Cookies, and Oreo Cookies.


Fossil Energy Facts

Page content - Factoids on crude oil, oil shale, natural gas, coal bed methane, and coal . Included is a five part story on how crude oil and other hydrocarbons were formed.  Descriptive article on the fundamentals of oil and gas drilling.


Energy Charts

Page content  -  insight into fossil energy charts compiled from a variety of global sources. Charts include: world largest oil consumers, world crude oil reserves, world natural gas reserves, world largest oil shale reserves, world largest coal reserves, world’s largest oil producers, countries with most refineries, world largest refineries, and  global rig count.


Canadian Humor

Page content  -  Canadian based humor stories and jokes.


More Canadian Humor

Page content -  Canadian based humor stories and jokes.


Stock Trading Insight

1. The reality behind gold and oil investments

2. Honing an investor’s edge

3. Insight into rights, options and warrants

4. Expecting to find a  ten bagger?

5. Learning to recognize market distortion

6. Short selling, or shorting a stock

7. Canadian Income Trusts

8. Sizing your stock portfolio

9. Savoy to be speculative


Stock Trading Novice

1. Insight into the basics of stock trading

2. choosing an online broker

3. Recognizing an opportunity to buy

4. Weeding out the losers

5. Learn how to read charts

6. Pitfalls to avoid

7. Hot tip an I’m buying


Investment Glossary

Page content -  insight into important investment and stock trading terms and meanings.



Page content  -  insight into a variety of interesting and very useful links to internet sites.