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Below is a list of sites which you may find useful. I’ll be adding other sites with time . Intent is for your convenience. This site does not receive any benefits, or is it rewarded for their placement.


AbiWord - AbiWord is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft® Word.


Agoracom Small Cap Centre - investors forum and latest small cap news.


AIM  -  London Stock Exchange’s international market for smaller growing companies.


All Penny Stocks - variety of tidbits and information on promising penny stocks and market news.


American Bulls -  candlestick analysis on stocks listed on six  American and Canadian exchanges.


American Stock Exchange - a comprehensive resource for investors and issuers seeking the unique market environment offered at the American Stock Exchange.


Avast Antivirus  -  a premium anti-virus with features you’d expect in purchased software.


Avira Antivirus - top rated free anti-virus.


Bank of Canada  -  the latest in Canadian currency rates, interest rates and statistics.


Bloomberg -  latest commodity markets and news.


Big Charts -  access to stock quotes and a variety of stock charts.


Canada Free Press  -  Canada’s independent news source.


Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors  - latest facts on oil and gas drilling in Canada.


Canadian Insider - latest insider buying and selling on Canadian companies.


Chicago Mercantile Exchange  -  world's largest and most diverse financial exchange.


CNQ - established in 2007, Canada's newest stock exchange.


Comodo Security Software  -  some of the best free internet security software available.


Directory of unknown callers - puzzled by who is calling with that strange 800 call—here’s your answer.


FileZilla - one of the best FTP programs. Simple to use and absolutely free of any adware or  spyware.


Frankfurt Stock Exchange - some double listed stocks such as "Zaruma Resources" are listed on TSX as well as this German exchange.


Gibson Research Corporation, GRC - evaluate and test your firewall using "Shields Up".


InvestorVillage - investor forum for stock news with free membership.


Kijiji Canada -  Canada's most popular free, local classifieds site.


Live Investor -  TSX and TSX Venture quotes and investor information.


London Stock Exchange -  stock prices, charts, indexes, up to date news, and listed companies.


Montreal Exchange  -  Canadian options and futures exchange.


Mozilla Firefox Browser  - one of the two best internet browsers (tied with Opera). Both browsers exceed performance of Internet Explore 8 and Google chrome.


NEX   -   a new trading forum for listed companies that have fallen below TSX Venture's ongoing listing standards.


Oil-Price - instant oil prices, oil trading volume, newsletter and free membership forum.


Opera  Web Browser   - the best alternative to Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome. Opera is tied with Mozilla Firefox as the best web browsers.


Open Office - free office software comparable to Microsoft Office.


Oslo Stock Exchange - some double listed stocks such as "Questerre Energy" are listed on TSX as well as this Norwegian exchange. 


NASDAQ Stock Market  -  Stock Market featuring free stock quotes, stock exchange prices, stock market news, and online stock .


QT Web Browseran excellent web browser that outperforms Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome. QT rates third behind Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and Opera 11.


Sedar - registered listing of all Canadian companies. Wealth of company information; including financials. 


Sedi - registered insider buying and selling activity information on Canadian companies.


Stockhouse - news in the stock markets, commodity prices, latest news releases and free membership forum.


Stock Technical Analysis - useful and user friendly stock analysis for the novice .


Smallcapcenter - latest market news and small cap news. 


Stockwatch - latest market news and variety of investor tools. Free 30 day trial membership.


Toronto Stock Exchange  - Canada's oldest and largest stock exchange. Twenty minute delay price quotes and latest company news releases. 


Ultimate Hab Fans Forum -  elite forum for Montreal Canadiens hockey fans. There is a good variety of discussions not necessarily all pertaining to hockey. Site is well organized and strictly refereed. Members who do not follow rules are warned, penalized, or expelled. It is a forum with very high standards and should be used as an example for other forums to follow. Active members are world wide.

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